Why should you start taking Plant Based?


Why should you start taking Plant Based?

Why should you start taking Plant-Based?

Plant-based meat is a new food era that brings plants, vegetables, and grains through various production processes. The number of plant-based consumers is growing due to a variety of factors, including health concerns.

There are now plant bases made from mushrooms, soybeans, and other nutritious and useful ingredients. Soybeans are also known for having a high protein content. Then, it is suitable for use in food production.

Plant Base is an innovative plant-based diet that is high in fiber and, more importantly, plant-based fats are unsaturated fats that are beneficial to your body.

There are two kinds of fats.

  • Saturated fat
  • Unsaturated fat

Unsaturated fats are found in plants which the body can excrete on its own after eating. Then it does not result in fat accumulation in the body.

Why should you advocate for Plant-Based?

Many people die from cancer every day so diet and lifestyle should select good choices for life safety.

The following are the reasons.

  • Consuming red meat
  • Consumption of processed meats such as bacon and sausages
  • Alcohol drinking
  • Smoking
  • Not eating fruits and vegetables

Why does eating soy help fight cancer?

Soybean contains isoflavones, which can reduce the incidence of breast cancer caused by estrogen stimulation, as well as genistein, which is a bio-flavonoid substance that prevents the body from creating capillaries that will deliver food to cancer cells, causing the cancer cells to atrophy.

However, before consuming anything, we should research and learn from a variety of sources or ask an expert what we should eat and what type of food is best for our physical condition.

NeverMeat's brand that plant-based meat substitute ingredient is now available at Tops and Villa Market locations throughout Bangkok.

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