10 Interesting Facts About Soybeans


10 Interesting Facts About Soybeans

1. Soybeans contain all 9 amino acids, all of which are essential for human nutrition.
2. The soybean has been around for centuries. According to the Iowa State University Department of Agronomy, the first users and domesticators of the soybean were believed to be the Chinese in the northeast part of the country, sometime around the 11th Century.
3. Soy lecithin contains choline, essential to all living cells, and is, in fact, a component of live cell structures.
4. Soybeans are 18% oil and 38% protein.
5.  Soy oil can be converted to biodiesel fuel with a process called “transesterification”. This eco-friendly fuel has proven to burn cleaner than traditional petroleum-based fuels.
6. One acre of soybeans converts to 40,000 servings of tofu or 2,500 gallons of soy milk.
7. Soy-based oils are used as lubricants and can withstand higher temperatures than petroleum-based oils.
8. Elevators in the Statue of Liberty are lubricated by soybean oil.
9. Soy crayons are non-toxic and safer for children.
10. Derived from natural soybean oil makes a traffic paint for support farmers and has earned recognition from a variety of soybean councils and associations.

Soybeans are highly nutritious when in food form. At the same time, it can also be converted to clean energy fuels. It is also a component of user-friendly traffic paints and crayons. Soy is a natural product that is very beneficial.

Therefore, support for Plant-Based is the main consumer product instead of meat. It's not just profit-seeking or taking advantage of market gaps. If it is to heal our world that has been damaged by human hands.

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