Plant proteins A new source of protein to know before eating.


โปรตีนจากพืช แหล่งโปรตีนแห่งใหม่ที่ควรรู้ก่อนรับประทาน

Plant proteins A new source of protein to know before eating.

The Thing You Need to Know Before Eating Plant Based Food.

The flow of plant protein intake is becoming popular among health centralizers. Although overseas, plant proteins have long been popular and spoken, in Thailand, plant proteins brought through a forming process and create textures like meat have recently gained popularity a few years ago. Therefore, before we start consuming plant proteins, the two main things we should know before eating are as follows:

  1. What is plant protein made of? 
  2. What is the difference between plant fats and meat fats?

What is plant protein made of?

Most meat substitutes are made from soybeans because they are high in soybeans and contain amino acids that are essential to the needs of the human body to help create a barrier against diseases, as well as containing essential antioxidants for the body.

What is the difference between plant fats and meat fats?

Usually, the human body produces fat in moderation for use in living. But nowadays people have an excess of fat intake, which in fat contains cholesterol, which is more common in lean meats. Seafood and yolks, etc. If this type of fat accumulates too much in the body, it will cause many diseases such as aortic straits. Heart disease, fatty liver, etc.

Therefore, the consumption of plant proteins is increasingly suitable for human life in modern times. Because most manufacturers and distributors of meat or plant protein substitutes use technology to utilize important nutrient values, including good fats, such as brands. Never Meat, which introduces cutting-edge technology to help in production, allows daily consumption of Never Meat plant proteins without causing cholesterol to accumulate in the body.

Plant proteins made from soybeans are therefore very nutritious. There are many brands of plant protein foods, also known as Plant-Based Food. Some brands produce and pack packages in ready-to-eat formats such as plant protein brands. Never Meat, a leader in plant protein food innovation. Never Meat also adds coconut oil and white bran oil that is beneficial to the body to allow consumers to experience plant proteins with the most meat-like texture. Never Meat is a plant protein that is both delicious and useful.

Shopping Never Meat Brand Plant Protein at Tops, Villa Market in Bangkok, Thailand 

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